Tuesday, November 10, 2009

chic thanksgiving

Not into pumpkins? No problem! This Thanksgiving table was designed by Joanna at Lotushaus and is super unique and could be used in a variety of settings (can you just picture a boy baby shower?). Of course this edgy setting is not for everyone on Thanksgiving but it is useful for getting ideas. Described on the Hostess blog:

Joanna fashioned paper cranes (which carry a subtle resemblance to the shape of a turkey) from gift wrapping paper and used crimped silver wire to hang them from kiwi vines (available at Michaels stores and other florist/craft supplies). To keep the kiwi vines standing upright, they were inserted into floral foam placed inside of a drinking glass, which was wrapped in turquoise tissue paper. LED tea lights were dropped into the glass as well and gave the arrangements a cool, magical, “loungy” glow!

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