Sunday, October 25, 2009

america's best selling dining room chairs

Country Living magazine has compiled a list of the top selling dining room chairs in the country according to six different furniture companies. All six vary in shape, design and price point. If you were to choose new DR chairs, which one would you choose?

West Elm - Curved Upholstered Chair @ $299

Thomasville - Fredericksburg Chair @ $329

Ikea - Henriksdal Chair @ $99.99

Crate and Barrel - Basque Chair @ $199

Restoration Hardware - Martine Chair @ $470

Wrangler Home - Chesapeake Chair @ $429

I am going to say that my favorite is the Martine chair by Restoration Hardware. I am a sucker for the tufting in the back. It has a really nice shape as well. Happy chair shopping!


  1. the top one looks comfy... never seen a chair like that before!

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